Station / Estación # 89: Niños Heroes

Esta estación, Niños Heroes, toma su nombre en dedicación a los cadetes militares jovenes que fallecieron en la Batalla de Chapultepec durante la Guerra Estados Unidos – México (Intervención Estadounidense).

Una estatua de Eirene – Diosa griega de la paz, está cercita a una de las salidas de la estación.

Si solo humanidad conjunta pudiéra hacer caso al consejo.

El área alrededor de la estación es un distrito de tribunales.  La justicia es ciega, dice el símbolo (por lo menos).

El Centro Cultural Indianilla, en las cercanías de la estación, es actualmente el hogar de una exposición de Codex Mexico ‘Libros de Artista’.

Barriles apilados al cielo, una afirmación audaz de tener el mejor cabrito de México, un taller en un bus multicolorido y bicicletas esqueléticas.

Todo parte de la vista de la calle este Jueves.

Y después de la lluvia de la tarde también había mucho agua para empujar y barrer.

This station, Niños Heroes (Boy Heroes), takes its name in dedication of young military cadets who lost their lives in the Battle of Chapultepec during the Mexican-American War (First American Interevention).

A statue of Eirene- Greek goddess of peace, stands close to one of the station exits.

If only humanity combined in its entirety could heed the advice.

The area around the station is a court district.  Justice is blind, sayeth the symbol (at least).

The Indianilla Cultural Centre in the vicinity of the station is currently home to an exhibition from Codex Mexico on ‘The Art of the Book’.

Barrel drums stacked to the sky,  a bold claim to have the best goat in Mexico, a workshop housed in a multicoloured bus and bare bone bikes.

All part of the Niños Heroes streetscape on this particular Thursday.

And after the mid-afternoon deluge there was plenty of water to be pushed and swept away as well.

12 thoughts on “Station / Estación # 89: Niños Heroes”

  1. Great work! really interesting to see behind the tourist facade at the real Mexico City and its people. Will be there in 4 months time (to the day), first time since 1986! Thanks

  2. I think that the Mexico City Metro was the most interesting metro that I have ridden on. It was a never ending stream of music, people and conversation, although I never could work out why they called some of the stations what they did. I am really enjoying the pictures and comments about the stations, they not only show the stations, but they give a little bit of a flavour of each of the districts.

    1. I definitely agree with you about the most interesting metro! It’s so full of life, so many vendors! Never a dull moment – I usually have a book to read when I am on the metro but end up spending a lot more time watching what is going on. Yeah, some of the names are obscure, sometimes I explain their meaning or where the name comes from. Happy to hear that you’re enjoying the project! Cheers!

  3. Cantina la Ribera : Machitos fritos, chistorra frita, chalupitas de pollo, queso fundido c/chistorra, frijoles charros, chamorros a la mexicana, guacamole, chiles toreados, tortillas de maiz hechas a mano y al comal, cerveza bien fria o un tequilita ” Don Julio ” reposado, y la especialidad de la casa, Cabrito el mejor de la cd. pero el mejor es el de Monterrey.

    Que rico¡

    1. Cabrito is a Monterrey dish so it should be best there I guess. I have been to La Ribera, and was promised it’s the best in DF. The meat was tender as far as goat goes, and had plenty of flavour. But I think it is an acquired taste. It was pretty fatty meat.

      1. Well I haven’t been to La Ribera myself or sampled cabrito in Mexico (elsewhere – yes) so I can’t enter this debate. Now that I have a running conversation on the virtues of goat meat and where you can get the best in Mexico I feel like I could happily retire from the blogging world! However, no rest for the wicked, I’ll keep plugging away. Maybe I’ll treat myself to some cabrito at the end of the project!

  4. One of my favourite stations. Not for the station itself – it’s pretty run of the mill. But I used it every Saturday for about five years for a class I had nearby. After which I’d go for a stroll down Alvaro Obregon. Have you been there on a Sat or Sun when they have the street market there? Definitely worth a visit. There’s some really nice plazas off Alvaro Obregon too.

  5. I really am liking your blog and photos. Such sweet memories for me. I used to spend most of my summers in Mexico with my tias, tios, and primos when I was growing up. There was nothing better! Kudos to a wonderful idea for this blog.

    1. That’s great! Happy about that. As much as I like reading about and seeing pictures of places that I haven’t been I find that I always connect more with others’ photos and impressions and stories if I’ve been there, only natural I guess.

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