Station / Estación # 125: Hidalgo

I planned to visit Hidalgo exactly a month ago.

It didn’t work out.

Today I was off to visit the surrounds of another station, San Pedro De Los Pinos, when on the metro next to me I saw a young guy cradling a statue of Jude the Apostle (San Judas Tadeo in Spanish).

I twigged.

The 28th of the month may not hold a great deal of significance for you but for many it does.

It’s San Judas Tadeo Day.

In the Roman Catholic Church San Judas Tadeo is the patron saint of desperate and lost causes.

He is venerated by thousands who arrive to pay their respects at San Hipolito Church, right next to Hidalgo Metro Station in Mexico City’s downtown, carrying statues of their revered saint.

The throng of pilgrims is constituted by all types including a fairly motley crew of youngsters.

I highly recommend you check out the photos on this site to get a much better idea of the cross section of folk who patronize the church each 28th of the month.

As always, the gathering of the crowd at an event spawns myriad vendors of knick-knat, this-that.

Several monuments, a cemetery and cemetery museum, an art-house cinema, an economic kitchen, a Linotype, an abandoned couch, ‘Chinese Palace’ and downtown shanties were all also duly noted in the area.

Unusual and blatant portent:  Tomorrow- San Pedro De los Pinos (probably).

Hace exactamente un mes planeaba visitar Hidalgo.

No resultó.

Hoy iba en rumbo a visitar los alrededores de otra estación, San Pedro De Los Pinos, cuando a mi lado en el metro, vi un joven acunando a una estatua de San Judas Tadeo.

Me hizo dar cuenta.

Puede que el 28 del mes no significa mucho para tí pero sí significa mucho a otros.

Es el día de San Judas Tadeo.

En la iglesia católica San Judas Tadeo es el santo patrono de causas perdidas y desesperadas.

Está venerado por miles quienes llegan para mostrar su respeto y adoración a la iglesia San Hipólito, en el centro de la Ciudad de México justo al lado de la estación del metro Hidalgo, portando estatuas de su santo sagrado.

La muchedumbre de peregrinos está constituida por gente muy diversa que incluye grupos grandes de jovenes.

Las fotos de este sitio viene altamente recomendado para tener una mejor idea de la diversidad de gente que visita la iglesia cada 28 del mes.

Como siempre, la asemblea de mucha gente genera la presencia de vendedores ambulantes.

Varios monumentos, un panteón y museo de panteón, una cinema de arte, una cocina económica, un Linotype, una sofa abandonada, ‘Palacio Chino’ y un barrio pequeño de chabolas también se notaron el el área.

Augurio inusual y óbvio: Mañana – San Pedro De Los Pinos (probablemente)

4 thoughts on “Station / Estación # 125: Hidalgo”

  1. Cool blog!!! I liked how you solved the bilingual concept, English on top, Spanish at the bottom. I am still trying to figure out how to do mine in German & English and I like your idea! Greetings from Cancun

    1. Hi! Thanks! Well, actually I alternate post to post. Next post will be Spanish on top English at the bottom. That is the way I decided to do it in fairness to both languages although I make absolutely no claims to the Spanish being perfect! I always write in English first and then translate it to Spanish! Good luck with your blog, I will be sure to check it out!

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