Station / Estación # 50: Isabel La Catolica

To celebrate the milestone of reaching station # 50 I decided to take the MCM Project on a journey to….. well, actually it is more of a homecoming. Isabel La Catolica is one of two stations which I consider ‘home stations’ being in close proximity to where I live and is the station where I … Continue reading “Station / Estación # 50: Isabel La Catolica”

Station / Estación # 114: Sevilla

Ahora en el cuarto final del proyecto, con 34 estaciones pendiente para visitar, el alcance para elegir una estación en esta red extensa del metro no es tan ancho como solía ser. Sin embargo, todavía sí existe.  Hay algo de espacio para complacer un capricho, echarlos a la basura y adaptarse a las condiciones del … Continue reading “Station / Estación # 114: Sevilla”

Station / Estación # 153: Nopalera

Whilst Presidents Obama and Peña Nieto and Prime Minister Harper were discussing 20 years of NAFTA in Toluca yesterday, I made my way down to Nopalera station.  Nopalera, of course, refers to the cactus from which the edible nopal pad is yielded.  The area was once home to large farms dedicated to growing the nopal. However, it seems that … Continue reading “Station / Estación # 153: Nopalera”

Station / Estación # 144: Salto Del Agua

Shuffle out the door and I am already in the vicinity.  For station # 50 the MCM Project paid a visit to Isabel La Catolica, one of two of my base stations.  Today I veered to the right to the equally nearby Salto Del Agua. Situated on the main drag of the centre of Mexico … Continue reading “Station / Estación # 144: Salto Del Agua”

Station / Estación # 122: Buenavista

Hoy decido añadir Buenavista al MCM Project.  No está muy lejos afuera del centro y por lo tanto no hizo necesario que viajara una distancia larga desde mi base en pleno centro. Sin embargo la ruta que elegi sí hizo necesario transbordos superfluos. Isabel La Catolica a Pino Suarez.  Cambiar. Pino Suarez a Hidalgo.  Cambiar. … Continue reading “Station / Estación # 122: Buenavista”

Station / Estación # 101: Eduardo Molina

At the end of the last post I wrote that I would be back tomorrow (yesterday) for Mexico City Metro Project 101.  A day late. FAIL. Luckily I’m the big and only cheese of the project and I ain’t answering to nobody. Well, actually I do have my readers best interests at heart. I didn’t … Continue reading “Station / Estación # 101: Eduardo Molina”

The whistle blows: Half time in the MCM Project

Just under a month on from the completion of the first quarter, the MCM Project has now made it halfway in this epic journey.  That’s right!  74 of the 148 stations that currently make up the Mexico City Metro Network have been visited and documented on this page.  So it is time to look back … Continue reading “The whistle blows: Half time in the MCM Project”